This Luxurious Sheet & Blanket Set Is Quickly Becoming the Must-Have Gift of 2023

It’s soft, high quality, durable, and customizable – it’s like you’re sleeping in a 5-star hotel…at home

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August 8, 2023

Who could’ve guessed that a sheet and blanket set would be the most in-demand product of the year? 

A sheet and blanket set by a company called Boll & Branch is making waves across the internet…

According to thousands of 5-star reviews, they claim that Boll & Branch sheets are astonishingly soft and comfortable thanks to the special “long staple” cotton they use. Dedicated customers also love that the organic, high quality cotton is farmed fairly, traceable from farm to bed, and most importantly, completely toxin free.

With all these claims, are Boll & Branch sheets all they’re hyped up to be?

Madeline’s Story:

My husband and I received a set of your sheets as a gift. When my husband travels out of town, my 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter (and the dog) all sleep with me. My son’s birthday was coming up and when I asked what he wanted, he said “mom, I want some of those sheets that you and dad have. If heaven had sheets, that’s what they would feel like”. We bought him a set of your sheets for his 11th birthday. It was his favorite gift!

And Madeline’s son isn’t the only one raving about the quality of Boll & Branch sheets! After hearing advertisements on their favorite radio show, Steve and Karen took the plunge and bought the Boll & Branch sheets. They loved the sheets so much that they bought more for the guest room and even recommended Boll & Branch to their friends. They write: 

Dear Boll and Branch, 

We love our organic cotton sheets so much! Thanks as well for the excellent customer service and rapid responses we have received
from your team. We will never shop for or buy sheets anywhere else!! Our
guests have a tendency to linger in bed and tend to overstay their welcome because of your delightful products, LOL :) We heard about Boll and Branch on Rush Limbaugh’s broadcasts over the years and couldn’t believe that “sheets” could be so luxurious and yet so affordable. Well, yes it’s true; and we recommend Boll and Branch to anyone and everyone!!! 

Happy Snuggly Customers for Life, 
Steve and Karen in Oregon

Thousands of people are buying Boll & Branch sheets to sleep better…AND to treat their friends and family to a touch of luxury! Another loyal customer, Gwen, says:

We LOVE our Boll & Branch sheets and look forward to buying more. We just purchased a set as a gift for a dear couple who are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Boll & Branch sheets are by far the finest sheets you can buy. Beautifully made and feel so lovely. Even after washing they are like you just bought them. Rush was right - they are the best sheets on the planet. Thank you for your attention to not only an excellent product but the packaging is lovely, too. We’ll be back!

But of course every brand has some naysayers. It’s interesting to hear the story of how Michelle came around to Boll & Branch…and eventually bought 6 more sets of Boll & Branch Sheets!

Michelle’s Story:

For years, I admired the Boll and Branch sheets online, but I could not see paying that much for sheets. Then, tired of sheets that felt like cardboard, I bought my first B&B sheets. Heaven!! They are so soft that I never want to get out of bed. (In fact, today I slept until 10 am, like a teen-ager). 
After my first set, I bought the comforter set. Then the botanical set. Then the botanical set for my daughter. Then a second botanical set for my daughter. Then a set for the queen bed in my guest room. I am addicted, and have sheets for life. I love the ample size. I do wish there were more choices in design, but I am a truly satisfied customer!!

And Michelle isn’t alone! Once you experience the luxury of Boll & Branch sheets, you just have to share the love! Whether it’s spare sheets for the guest room, or gifting Boll & Branch bedding for birthdays and holidays, this line of bedding has become a go-to gift for family and friends.

Janice’s Story

“We have tried many sheets that are labeled as “Luxury” and when I heard the ad for Boll & Branch on the radio I had to try them and we are so happy we did ! They are soft, comfortable and wonderful to sleep in. We bought them to try for our bed and now we are going to buy for our kids and guest rooms. They are worth the money. And they are easy to care for. We’ve washed them per the instructions and have been very satisfied with the way they last. Definitely would purchase again and refer to a friend.”

How Our Sheets Get Softer With Every Wash

It's everything you can't see that makes a difference. Uncover the hidden details behind the highest level of softness.

With millions of fans all across the country, what is it about Boll & Branch sheets and waffle bed blankets that makes everyone want them?

Who would’ve guessed that sheets would be at the top of everyone’s wish lists?
Who would’ve guessed that sheets would be at the top of everyone’s wish lists?

Boll & Branch has been making huge waves on social media for a while now. While lots of influencers are drawn to Boll & Branch because of their timeless designs, it’s the high quality and the “sleep” of the sheets that brings them back for more…

Boll & Branch Sheets Will Help You Sleep Soundly

Millions of people are finding that sleeping on Boll & Branch’s high quality sheets have made allll the difference between a good night’s sleep and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

What exactly do sheets have to do with that, you may ask?

Typical sheets’ quality is judged by thread count, or how many threads per inch they contain. The thought is that more threads must mean that they’re finer threads, so they must be very soft.

But what we should actually be looking for is the length of the cotton fibers themselves…

The most common cotton fibers are made of “short staple cotton,” which is cheaper and easier to grow. Each short staple cotton fiber is about ⅛ of an inch long. This type of cotton is used for materials like denim…and most cotton bedsheets. Can you say “sandpaper”?

(Oh, and by the way, most cotton farming practices are questionable…but more on that later.)

Boll & Branch products use the highest quality cotton fibers available – long staple cotton. Each individual fiber is 1 ¼ – that’s 10 times longer than typical cotton fibers! The longer the staple length is, the softer and silkier the cotton feels, because less fiber ends are exposed. It also means that long-staple cotton products like Boll & Branch are much more durable, and are less likely to pill or tear. Plus they just get softer over time!

The waffle bed blanket is made of the same long staple cotton too. So it’s the softest, most durable cotton blanket you’ll find. Its plush-yet-springy weave means that it’s breathable in the summer and insulating in the winter, making it the perfect 365-day-a-year blanket.

With sheets and blankets this soft, comfortable, and breathable, it’s no wonder that Boll & Branch customers get the best sleep possible.

The waffle bed blankets are soft, springy, and perfect for every season.

Boll & Branch Sheets Are Organic and Free of Harmful Toxins 

Most cotton farmers use lots of pesticides, GMOs, and fertilizers. And processing cotton can involve toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. Then unsuspecting consumers go and…lay on these toxin-filled sheets for a third of their lives?!?! It’s criminal!

Boll & Branch products not only use the highest quality cotton fibers, they also use organic cotton. So you can rest easy knowing that your skin isn’t absorbing all manner of chemicals and toxins while you’re sawing logs. 

And you can feel good about giving Boll & Branch sheets and blankets to your loved ones, knowing that you’re keeping them both comfortable AND safe while they sleep.


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Boll & Branch Has the Most Stylish, Timeless Look

The Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle makes a great gift!

When people see Boll & Branch products, it's obvious that their quality extends to the appearance and selection they offer.

When you buy the Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle, you get to customize your bundle and choose between

  • 10 colors and 3 sizes of waffle bed blankets
  • 13 colors and 8 sizes of sheets
  • 13 colors and 2 sizes of pillowcases

They’ve thought of everything! Whether you’re shopping for a college-bound teen who needs XL twin sheets, or an older couple with a split king bed, Boll & Branch allows you to customize your order for your specific needs.

Calling All Conscious Consumers: Boll & Branch is Sustainable

How many bedding companies can claim that they partner with family-owned farms and factories? 

Boll & Branch invests in cotton that’s high quality, toxin- and pesticide-free, and free from GMOs. Their cotton is farmed by families and processed at family-owned factories to ensure traceability. And they partner with independent organizations to maintain the highest standards of ethics, health, and sustainability. 

Best sheets I’ve ever owned!
They wash and wear beautifully. They are made with the highest of standards and the quality is second to none. The cotton is soft and gets softer with each wash. These sheets help me get the best possible sleep I can!  
- Heather D., Verified Buyer

Beautiful color, nice size, they don't skimp on fabric, and the fabric is heavenly. I find myself just moving my feet back and forth over the blanket because the texture and feel is just so pleasing
- Mary Q., Verified Buyer

Repeat Buyer
So very comfortable that this is my second one.  
-Clarissa F., Verified Buyer

Crisp & Clean

I love my new percale white sheets. After multiple (cold water) washings they continue to stay crisp and white allowing me and my partner and comfortable sleep where other sheets have left me (in particular) clammy during the night. I'm getting a much better sleep now!
- Sharon P., Verified Buyer

Great Experience
Boll and Branch is the only sheets I purchased anymore!!! They are clearly the BEST!!!
- Susan L., Verified Buyer

It’s easy to see why everyone wants to update their bedrooms to the timeless, classic, comfiness of Boll & Branch sheets!

Where can you get the Boll & Branch sheet and blanket bundle?

The very best deal on the Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle is available to readers of this article. Click the link below to personalize your set.


Since this article was published online, there has been a huge influx of interest in the Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle. The kind people at Boll & Branch have decided to extend this exclusive online offer for a little longer. We’re unsure as to when this offer will be removed, so we recommend that you take advantage of it immediately. Click the button below to see if stock is currently available.


Must-Have Gift


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