What Makes the Boll & Branch Signature Collection the World’s Most Luxurious Bedding?

It’s soft, high quality, durable, and customizable – it’s like you’re sleeping in a 5-star hotel…at home

My Daily Aesthetic Team
August 8, 2023
The Boll & Branch Signature Collection has taken the bedding industry by storm, becoming the go-to for 5-star hotel quality sheets at home. The brands sets are frequent sell-outs and have a dedicated following, with fans claiming they’ll “never dream on anything else.”

With a community over 288k strong on Instagram and over 160k followers on Facebook, Boll & Branch devotees are raving about their dreamy experiences with the Signature Collection. What makes this bedding so special?

Exceptionally Soft for Maximum Comfort

Experience unparalleled softness every night with these quality threads. Crafted from 100% organic long-staple cotton, the Signature Collection provides the ultimate in comfort, ensuring a smooth & friction-free sleep experience.

Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. With Boll & Branch, you’re not just investing in bedding; you’re investing in a nightly ritual of luxury.

Superior Cotton Quality Over Ordinary Choices

Don't mistake the Signature Collection’s bedding for ordinary cotton sets. Boll & Branch doesn’t rely on thread count because it’s the quality of the cotton that sets them apart. The cotton used is of the finest organic grade, ensuring the products are soft, plush, and durable, providing a luxurious sleeping experience that ordinary cotton simply can't match.

While many in the market may use harsh chemicals and compromise on quality, Boll & Branch prioritizes precision in weaving and finishes its products without harmful substances. This results in bedding that promotes a better kind of morning! Make every thread count.

How Our Sheets Get Softer With Every Wash

It's everything you can't see that makes a difference. Uncover the hidden details behind the highest level of softness.

Better for Your Sleep, Better for the Planet

How many bedding sets let you save the planet while you sleep? With any Signature Collection sheet set, rest easy knowing your comfort doesn’t come at nature’s expense. This bedding is crafted from the finest 100% organic long-staple cotton on Earth, upholding Boll & Branch’s commitment to sustainability.

Boll & Branch is free of harmful pesticides, GMOs, or toxins like formaldehyde. Embrace a luxury sleep experience that’s genuinely guilt-free!

Gets Softer Over Time

Boll & Branch’s one-of-a-kind proprietary weave, which makes up the waffle blanket that adds a breathable and plush-yet-springy dimension. 

The Signature fabric, on the other hand, is expertly crafted with a four-over-one-under weave. This specific weave allows the ends of the long-staple, 100% organic cotton fibers to lift ever so slightly with each wash. 

The result? Bedding that gets softer and softer over time, elevating your sleep experience to a realm of luxury that gets better with time

A Perfect Match for Every Aesthetic

Completing your bedroom has never been as easy as with the Signature Collection’s  versatile and extensive color palette. With a wide array of aesthetically pleasing tones and patterns, this bedding seamlessly blends with any style or theme. And when your interior decor is ready for a refresher? There’s a perfect bedding for that, too. 

Whether your space embraces minimalism, vibrancy, elegance, or rustic charm, and whether you’re an interior designer or decorating-challenged, these sets are the final touch you’ve been looking for. That’s because Boll & Branch believes bedding shouldn’t just feel like a dream - it should look like one, too.  

They’re Must-Have Gifts in 2023

You might think, "Bedding? Really?" But it’s true! 

Anything from the Boll & Branch Signature Collection will be the gift of dreams for those who seem to have it all. Because, in this non-stop, hectic modern world, who doesn’t crave a blissful night's sleep? With high praises from Southern Living, Oprah Daily, Cosmopolitan and more, it's not just any bedding - it's an experience in luxury and comfort. 

It's not only about the aesthetic and the feel; it’s about giving the gift of serene, uninterrupted sleep - a universal need and luxury in today’s bustling life. So, in this case, it’s the thought and the gift that counts!

It Has Over 30,000 5-Star Reviews

With an astounding 30,000 reviews and counting on their site, the buzz for the Boll & Branch Signature Collection is more than radio static. People aren’t just satisfied - they're posting about their dreamy experiences all over social media. 

But as Boll & Branch knows, it’s not just about the rave reviews; it’s about the real, transformative experiences shared by users. Plus, their active presence in their online community makes it clear they care about every night’s sleep being the best it can be.

Easy Maintenance - No Dry Cleaning Required!

Maintaining the pristine quality of the Boll & Branch Signature Collection is simple.

Forget the hassle of running to the dry cleaners. With their easy-to-follow care guide, Boll & Branch ensures that keeping your bedding clean and fresh is a breeze. 

Just wash, dry, and you’re good to go, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer straightforward care for their bedding. It’s all about combining luxury with convenience!

You Can Try It Risk-Free For 30 Days!

Boll & Branch stands by the quality and luxurious comfort of the Signature Collection! They’re so confident that it'll become your new sleep-time favorite that they’re offering a risk-free, 30-day return policy. 

If you're not totally in love with your new bedding set within 30 days, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked! Dive into dreamy comfort knowing that you've got nothing to lose! 

It’s easy to see why Boll & Branch is the world’s dreamiest bedding…

Where can you snag the Signature Collection?

Boll & Branch's luxurious sets are available on their website. They’re currently offering 20% off $300+ during their Fall Bedding Event, making it the perfect time to snag a Christmas set for your hardest-to-shop-for loved ones!


Save an additional 20% off the lowest marked price with code DREAMHOME.

Boll & Branch Has the Most Stylish, Timeless Look

The Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle makes a great gift!

When people see Boll & Branch products, it's obvious that their quality extends to the appearance and selection they offer.

When you buy the Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle, you get to customize your bundle and choose between

  • 10 colors and 3 sizes of waffle bed blankets
  • 13 colors and 8 sizes of sheets
  • 13 colors and 2 sizes of pillowcases

They’ve thought of everything! Whether you’re shopping for a college-bound teen who needs XL twin sheets, or an older couple with a split king bed, Boll & Branch allows you to customize your order for your specific needs.

Calling All Conscious Consumers: Boll & Branch is Sustainable

How many bedding companies can claim that they partner with family-owned farms and factories? 

Boll & Branch invests in cotton that’s high quality, toxin- and pesticide-free, and free from GMOs. Their cotton is farmed by families and processed at family-owned factories to ensure traceability. And they partner with independent organizations to maintain the highest standards of ethics, health, and sustainability. 

Best sheets I’ve ever owned!
They wash and wear beautifully. They are made with the highest of standards and the quality is second to none. The cotton is soft and gets softer with each wash. These sheets help me get the best possible sleep I can!  
- Heather D., Verified Buyer

Beautiful color, nice size, they don't skimp on fabric, and the fabric is heavenly. I find myself just moving my feet back and forth over the blanket because the texture and feel is just so pleasing
- Mary Q., Verified Buyer

Repeat Buyer
So very comfortable that this is my second one.  
-Clarissa F., Verified Buyer

Crisp & Clean

I love my new percale white sheets. After multiple (cold water) washings they continue to stay crisp and white allowing me and my partner and comfortable sleep where other sheets have left me (in particular) clammy during the night. I'm getting a much better sleep now!
- Sharon P., Verified Buyer

Great Experience
Boll and Branch is the only sheets I purchased anymore!!! They are clearly the BEST!!!
- Susan L., Verified Buyer

It’s easy to see why everyone wants to update their bedrooms to the timeless, classic, comfiness of Boll & Branch sheets!

Where can you get the Boll & Branch sheet and blanket bundle?

The very best deal on the Boll & Branch Waffle & Signature Starter Bundle is available to readers of this article. Click the link below to personalize your set.


The buzz around the Boll & Branch Signature Collection hasn’t stopped since it was highlighted in major media outlets, achieving impressive sales and racking up phenomenal reviews. The company stands firmly behind the quality and luxury of their product, offering a 100% money-back guarantee to all buyers. Snag yours now before they sell out again!


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